The widest assortment of top traditional and innovative materials, worked through a just as wide range of methods which - by combining techniques and centuries-old artisan secrets - guarantee the unbeatable quality of Interspazio production becoming its distinctive character.

Therefore, the client may choose the carvings, the engravings, the laquers and the superb mosaics in the most minute details, thus meeting the Client’s most intimate aesthetic and functional needs.


Precious woods entrusted to the ability of master carvers and precious materials either become admirable decorations for furnishing items or they may be used for the creation of original items, planned and manufactured according to the required specifications, the wishes and desires of the Client.


The best strictly Italian marbles are chosen with the utmost care by experts to be then turned into actual works of art,

which can complete the home decor by giving it a touch of high refinement.





The personalization offered by Interspazio takes place through rigorous planning. Beside materials and carpets, also hues which best fit each space are important. Cushions, curtains and trimmings become an integral part of the locations in perfect harmony with all other elements.


Carpets created by a top notch team of experts, according to the Client's wishes, are handmade by a specialized firm which has been operating on the market for years combining the quality of the product and the beauty of the result.


An accurate selection of accessories is fundamental in the consultation offered by Interspazio. Here the pleasure of choice is not limited to the variety of brands and the most prestigius firms in the market, but also reaches into the realm of personalized proposals.