Interspazio starts developing the project together and in collaboration with the interior designers and the Client offering all kinds of creativity and support.

The permanent contact with the Client allows him to be constantly informed about all the financial and technical issues.

Interspazio manages all phases from procurement and production to logistics and installation.


The making of the estimate according to terms of contract and the discussion with the Client are a relevant phase to define the work order. Specialized staff makes the best offers which might be satisfactory to the Client and his budget needs. 


Interspazio works with the best companies and with the most capable and qualified craftsman in order to guarantee the uniqueness of the products,the quality and compliance with the rules and regulations of the different countries.


Products are rigorously checked before being shipped.

Interspazio uses the best shipping companies in order to guarantee safety and speed, taking upon itself all the responsability for goods till they have been safely delivered.


Highly specialized staff, under the direct supervision of a work manager, takes care of all the different assembling phases and setting up.